An Introduction to the Client side of the Http Protocol with the Sockets API




This paper will provide enough information for a C programmer to get started writing programs that communicate the http servers. It assumes some familiarity with network programming concepts, and that the reader has used a web browser. It does not assume a programming knowledge of any network protocol implementation.

The example code was produced using the Win32 API and the sockets API. Sockets will be explored; Win32 will not. Html will only be described in as much detail as is needed to demonstrate http. 



Table of Contents

Introduction to Sockets


Necessary Initialization Steps

Using the Network

Shutdown Steps

Introduction to Http


How Http Finds Web Pages

How Clients Work with Html

How This Relates to Http

Putting them together - An example of retrieving a page




HTTP standard RFC 1945 

Andrew S. Tannenbaum "Computer networks" 3rd edition Prentice Hall

Introduction to Sockets



Bill de la Vega, April 1997