A smattering of concerts:

Yes (my first concert)

Phillip Glass

Pink Floyd

Birdsongs of the Mesozoic


Andre Segovia

Greatful Dead, Other Ones, etc (5)

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Midnight Oil

National Symphony Orchestra (4)

Husker Du, Bob Mould

Boston Classical Orchestra

The The

Boston Symphony Orchestra (2)

Beastie Boys

Ellis Paul

Heart Attack

Vance Gilbert (3) (my most recent)


Dar Williams (4)

Bad Brains

Richard Thomas

Dead Kennedys

David Wilcox (2)

Talking Heads (2) Greg Brown (3)
B-52s David Grisman
The Cars Susan Warner
Black Sabbath Heavy Metal Horns
The Ramones (4)

Ritchie Haven

Cowboy Junkies (2) Violent Femmes, Mercy Seat