Aside: This is the part of home pages where I get to write what I want about me.

Narcissism is a big problems with the phenomenal growth of the web. It's not so bad when an individual like myself writes, because few will read it. But large companies engage in shameless self-promotion to the point of rendering their web sites annoying. Many are like TV info-mertials, but worse because you might find nuggets of utility if you mine the site long enough/well enough. To continue with the metaphor, you don't change the channel because you hope eventually they'll say something useful or interesting...

Welcome to my personal advertisement.


Reading, mostly technical non-fiction (as opposed to technical fiction, sub-genera of science fiction, where there is little drama).

Watching independent films

Creating this and other computer stuff.

Bicycling, I'm a bit heavy, but I ride 2-4 times a week for about 8-9 months a year. a typical ride is either 15-25 miles averaging around 17 mph or 30-40 in half a day with breaks. Umm ok, that was true. But now I'm older and slower (but actually a little lighter). Now it is more like 1 or 2 times a week, 8-18 mile rides, averaging 14 mph :-)

Vocation: digit head

Currently I'm a Senior Integration Architect at Guidewire

Previously I have been:

a Senior Manager at BearingPoint

a Senior Software Engineer for Bowstreet

a Principal Software Engineer for Lotus Development Corp

a Programmer/Analyst for Lewtan Technologies Inc.

Generally, I'm into moonlighting. My current employment keeps me too busy to do such an activity. Otherwise, I would be available nights and weekends. I do systems modeling and programming in Java, C#, SQL, VB, (or anything really - I have used Ruby, Perl, Lisp, Scheme, Fortan, FoxPro, assembly etc and am working through the Scala book).

Home Life

keeping with the home page namesake ...

I live in Somerville MA again, a few blocks south east of Davis Square. It is fairly expensive here. Apart from that I like it a lot here. I feel very comfortable in eastern Mass.

Previously I have lived:

Does that make it sound like I'm a gypsy? I think so, but now I'm kind of settled. Not in this apartment, but is the general location. No plans to leave, although i would move for the right job or woman.

I am partial to New England. That and New York, which is pretty similar in geology, biology, and culture if you look at a big enough picture. Certainly political analysts would consider them similar.

When I go to other areas the forests look weird (or worse yet, there aren't any!), the people talk funny and they just plain think wrong.

Others must have noticed this.

Previously I lived in Chicago for a few reasons - My job requires near-constant travel. Chicago is probably the most convenient place to fly from if your destination is in the lower 48 states. It was easy to move to from Iowa City. There are lots of people here. Besides the winter, it is a very bicycle friendly city. Also, it is really easy to make friends in Chicago, because most people are pretty chill.