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reading - these are my special interests. learning for learnings sake.

fun - this is like reading but a little wierder

local interest

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Yahoo! - Recreation:Sports:Cycling


Most of these sights have just a bit more information than ads. For a while I was in the market for a new bike so I accumulated these links.Klien has more information than most.

Buy & Sell


local interest

The Weather Channel - Iowa City

KUNI - local NPR and cool music station

KRUI - Univ of Iowa radio

Iowa City government

Iowa City public library - just joined.

reading Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore. for non-virtual reading.
slashdot - open tech forum
Orwell on language and politics - please review this before listening to the next state of the union speech
Edge if you want to think big, this is a great place to start
Wage Slave Journal excellent G. W. Bush commentary; mind the acronym. now off.
Slate - thoughtful commentary; although the daily news summary has gone downhill lately.
New York Times All the news that's fit to print ... well it is news anyway.
Paul Krugman an economist that kept his spine in tact while the press lost their's in the wake of Bush's overwelming mandate. He has written for the above two institutions.
Public Citizen
Zero Population Growth isn't 6 billion enough, or close?
Worldwatch Home Page
The Center for Democracy and Technology
ACLU Freedom Network (member)
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (member)




it's amazing what's out there. i looked for John Zorn once and found this: Knitting Factory Home Page

other media


I've been a map fan since the single digits (an early age). Besides US. Geological Survey, the best I've found are DeLorme's Atlas & Gazeteers. Suitable for driving, biking, or walking, they are sold by state and most (all?) states are covered. Unfortunately, neither DeLorme's nor anybody else's CDROMs match the detail of information in the large page Atlas & Gazeteers.





I have done a fair amount of Java programming. It is a good, general purpose language.


Once ported a body of code to the mac os 8 - can you say reboot. A great os to use, but horrible to program on.


love these languages. who needs more than a pair of parentheses for syntax? Unfortunately, the business community does not concur.


Lycos (custom)

money By Red Herring?
InvestQuest® Home Page
Mutual Funds Magazine ONLINE
Finance at Lycos - Stock Quotes, Business News, Financial Market Data
EDGAR Database

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