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Most of the stuff I've written is owned by my employers. This page contains some programs I've written on my own as well as some writing on software.

Seem to have lost some things in the move to So they aren't links anymore. Will reestablish them if I can find em ... Introduction to the Client Side of http Programming with the Sockets API

A small Java applet to prove how I'm on the cutting edge of technology (or was in the summer of 1997).
It also demostrates just how trivial this cutting edge can be.

The same applet using the Java 1.1 event model (ported in 1998)

Project for Adaptive OOSD - demonstrating Adaptive programming, related to Aspect Oriented Programming.

A solver for a bug card puzzle I did on vacation. This zip file contains the whole Visual C++ 6 project with source. The source I wrote is in 3 files: bugz.cpp, the main file - read the comment in this file for more details on the puzzle Card.cpp and Card.h - representing a card in the puzzle. One interesting thing is that when I started I estimated 4 hours to solve and it was just under that (my first and last successful software effort estimation!). This makes me too slow for top coder, but good compared to most programmers I know.

A solver for the golf tees in a triagular block of wood puzzle I did on the same vacation. This zip file contains the whole Visual C++ 6 project with source. The only source file I wrote is : JumpPegs.cpp - again, read the comment for more details on the puzzle, if you don't know it.

Unfinished essay:
Why software is a natural monopoly, and repercussions.  

Of course, most of the worlds programming resources weren't created by me :-) Here is a list of links to some of them.

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